Day 3- Conference on Geometric Analysis

Notes from the third day of the NSF conference on Geometric Analysis at Princeton University are given below. Relation of Alain-Cohn equations with minimal surfaces– The first talk of the day was given by Marco Guaraco. The theme of the talk was finding a function that satisfies a particular PDE, and then making that convergeContinue reading “Day 3- Conference on Geometric Analysis”

Day 2- Conference on Geometric Analysis

I am presenting my notes on today’s talks below. The talks were generally harder to follow than yesterday, not least because some of them were slide shows, and hence were prone to being thrown at the audience at brain-breaking speed. Free Boundary Minimal Surfaces– The first talk today was by Lucas Ambrozio. Because it wasContinue reading “Day 2- Conference on Geometric Analysis”

Day 1 – Conference on Geometric Analysis

I am attending an NSF funded conference on Geometric Analysis in Princeton from 19 June to 22 June. The format is simple- 4 lectures everyday, interspersed with breaks, which see much fraternizing and sharing of ideas. I want to record my recollections of the four lectures that I attended today. Antoine Song– Antoine is aContinue reading “Day 1 – Conference on Geometric Analysis”