EVM hacking

Just a small note on this article. It claims to prove “mathematically” that it is almost impossible that EVMs are hacked in India. Its argument is the following: there are approximately 3002 EVMs in each constituency in India. After the electronic votes are polled, 5 EVMs are selected at random, and the total number of votesContinue reading “EVM hacking”

An attempt to understand the Nobel Prize winning Science of 2019

Every year, I would read that Nobel prizes have been awarded to certain distinguished individuals at some of the top research institutes. On further reading, I would realize that their research is almost completely incomprehensible to all but a few people across the world. This year, I have tried to read and blog about theirContinue reading “An attempt to understand the Nobel Prize winning Science of 2019”

Effective Altruism- October

My receipt from my donation to EA for the month of October is attached below: I haven’t read anything directly related to social causes this past month. But I did read the books “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson and “Elon Musk” by Ashlee Vance. Both tangentially talk about the need to approach socialContinue reading “Effective Altruism- October”