Some problems from Indian National Mathematics Olympiad, 2014

I just want to add a couple of problems from INMO 2014 that I solved this morning. The first problem was slightly less tricky, and just involved pairing divisors with each other in the most obvious way. However, the second problem is quite devious, and is more of an existence proof than writing down anContinue reading “Some problems from Indian National Mathematics Olympiad, 2014”


Exploring Indian Mathematical Olympiads

Indian math olympiad questions are famous (infamous?) for being very analytical. There mostly do not exist any clever one line proofs. Multiple cases have to be analyzed and exhaustively eliminated before arriving upon the correct answer. I tried solving problems from the Indian National Mathematics Olympiad, 2013 today. My solutions are different (lengthier, and henceContinue reading “Exploring Indian Mathematical Olympiads”