EA- September

Attaching my Effective Altruism receipt for the month. I’ve been neglecting this for a couple of months, in part because of recent high expenses (car, etc). This is me trying to jump back on the bandwagon.

I’ve often thought about whether “blacking” out the amount donated would be a more altruistic thing to do. However, this is not a one-off donation. This is supposed to be 10% of your income, and the amount donated should reflect that. I might still black things out in the future to make these posts less awkward.

How have I been able to afford it? I don’t drink, or eat out that much anymore. My other expenses have generally only reduced over time. Hence, I am perhaps just substituting one form of expenditure with another. I have tried donating to friends’ charities and things like that before. However, on average, I’m happiest donating to just EA and Arxiv.

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