We gotta have some more pop philosophy- Mathematics, machine learning and Wittgenstein

In my quest to read all the pop neuroscience available online, I read this fascinating article on Gerald Edelman. It was full of profound quotes like We don’t have goals. We just have values. More importantly, it talked about the concept of polymorphous sets as proposed by Wittgenstein. “Typical Wittgenstein,” Edelman mused. “There is aContinue reading “We gotta have some more pop philosophy- Mathematics, machine learning and Wittgenstein”

Moral asymmetry and Indian politics

I spent part of the morning reading a conversation between Sam Harris and Daniel Kahneman. In an almost textbook example of priming, when I saw something that I already believe, it led me to accord a greater degree of importance to the conversation. Soon I was connecting dots all over the place, and this postContinue reading “Moral asymmetry and Indian politics”

Stable systems and managing expectations

In his book Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari talks about how civilizations in the past fell not because of one error in judgement, but because of multiple such errors. For instance, many empires in ancient China fell because they were not receptive to scientific and military advances from the outside, the bureaucracy was stifled, etc. IContinue reading “Stable systems and managing expectations”

Machine learning and life lessons

Anyone who tries to draw “life lessons” from machine learning is someone who understands neither life, nor machine learning. With that in mind, let us get into the life lessons that I draw from machine learning. Disclaimer: The idea that I am going to expound below is something I first came across in the bookContinue reading “Machine learning and life lessons”