On getting nerdswiped

I used to often worry about the fact that I was never really focused on a research problem. I would hear about researchers making amazing discoveries after single-mindedly pursuing their goal for months and years, and I would often think that that would never be me. Instead of focusing on one thing, I would pursueContinue reading “On getting nerdswiped”


The network effects in human behavior

Actions come before thoughts. I make coffee for my roommate everyday. It felt really awkward at first, as I don’t really have a lifelong habit of cooking for others. In fact, I felt a strong revulsion at first. I didn’t really have to do it. It’s not like anyone else was making coffee for me.Continue reading “The network effects in human behavior”

The escape velocity of Jupiter

Rahul Gandhi, universally recognized as the village idiot of Indian politics, once, somehow, used the phrase “the escape velocity of Jupiter” in a political speech. I’m quoting from the speech below: The escape velocity for earth is 11.2 km/sec while that of Jupiter is 60 km/sec. In India we have the concept of caste. ThereContinue reading “The escape velocity of Jupiter”

Understanding Roe vs Wade

What does Roe vs Wade say? It says that the Supreme Court does not have the power to enforce the right to abortion. It is not a part of the Constitution of the United States (like the right to bear arms, etc), and the job of amending the Constitution is that of elected lawmakers andContinue reading “Understanding Roe vs Wade”

Suboptimal naming conventions

Music Like everybody else with functional ears, I love the Beatles. Surely, the dizzying heights of their universal fandom preclude any exhortations of their greatness from me. However, something that has always struck me was their rather pedestrian name. Beatles. They referenced perhaps one of the more unremarkable insects found everywhere, and then changed oneContinue reading “Suboptimal naming conventions”

On the Depp-Heard trial

Edit: Read this much superior article that uses Game Theory to allocate blame between Heard and Depp. Like the rest of the internet, I would also like to offer my fairly useless and inconsequential opinion on the trial. Amber Heard effectively “lost” her case today. Although both parties have been fined millions of dollars, HeardContinue reading “On the Depp-Heard trial”

A peek into the vedas

The Vedic Concept of Human Personality by Karel Werner is a fascinating paper on many aspects of human life as discussed in the Vedas. I want to write about the concepts of human personality and immortality as thought of in ancient India. Human personality The human personality, as written about in the Vedas, is composedContinue reading “A peek into the vedas”